When you are finishing up with a removal, you will likely find yourself in a new place that is a bit of a mess! You will find that the clear up will be a bit of a laborious one, but you should not concede to the temptation to get a bin liner and chuck everything into it for a number of reasons. It is very important to remember the difficulty and expense that you had in gathering everything that you needed for the removal, from a decent company to the right packing materials, it will all have had to come together under your guidance in order for the removal to have even gone ahead. So, thinking about this, it is a lot more sensible to have a think about what you can do with your boxes once you are finished with them, rather than just throwing everything out. Whilst it may seem that getting your house looking perfect is the most important thing in the world at the time, the long term game plan is also essential, so keep that in mind as you figure out what to do with your moving boxes!

One idea is to simply keep them all! If you have just fit everything that you own in to your removals boxes and likely spent a fair few quid on getting them in the first place, then why would you waste that? It is likely that during the time that you are going to be at the new house, you will amass new things, but you will most likely be throwing things out as well, which will balance everything out. Even if you do have more things to fit in to the boxes, it is much better to have to source four more boxes for the next move, than you have to buy fifty! The main issue with this line of procedure is that many people feel that they don’t really have space to save their boxes! There are however some places that you may not have thought of. If you are loading up wardrobes and cupboards, then think about whether you could line the rear wall of these units with a couple of flattened boxes. Also, if your units are tight to the wall, you may well be able to slide a couple of flat pack boxes down the back of them, which will keep them hidden from view and out of the way of anything that may damage their integrity. The back of the sofa is another good one, alongside under the bed! If you have attic space, then this is a perfect place to put such things. If you think about it, it can actually be rather easy to store flat boxes, as they are so thin!

Be sure that you plastic wrap anything that is cardboard and being kept in a potentially damp area, as the damp will ruin a box, and leave you stuck having to buy new ones all over again! Should you not have the space and want to get rid of them, then you should try selling the ones that are in good condition on the internet, as it will reduce the effort that you have to go to in getting rid of them, as well as ensuring that you get a little cash back for them! Recycling is the only other option if you have no luck with the selling aspect of it. Under no circumstances should you relegate the removal boxes to the landfill however, as it is a waste!

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