When you are moving house to SW12, the main thing that can get you down is the absolute chaos that seems to engulf the house hold, as you desperately attempt to gather everything that you own and shove it in to boxes, without anything getting lost or broken. All the while, organizing other little bits and pieces, whilst also trying to juggle your normal life on top of it all. Sounds like hell on earth, and that is because it isn’t far off! There is a light in the darkness however, as you may be pleased to hear, in the form of organization. If you are well prepared, and know that things can get a little overly hectic, then you can prepare adequately, and have no trouble making sure that everything remains calm and considered throughout the process. It all starts with giving yourself enough time to do the whole move without ever feeling overly rushed or panicked at any point. This is essential, as once you get overworked and a bit fraught, then you will be wanting to get out of trouble as quickly as possible, which usually results in bad decisions and spending too much money!

So, how to start? Make a long list of everything that you need to get done for the Balham move to happen nice and efficiently. Think about who should do each task, and when, as well as how it could be done for less money, or more quickly, etcetera. This is where you can make the whole thing a lot more efficient, as with a bit of clever time and people management, you can spread the whole process thinly across a decent amount of time as well as between a few people, so that the job at hand never feels like it is too much for anyone. You will find that this should only mean that you are doing an hour or so of work on the move per day, and can easily balance the process with the rest of your normal day to day life, meaning that you don’t have to miss any work, and will still be able to pay attention to the more important things around you like family and friends.

The list will be the perfect safety net for when you start feeling a little fraught about the whole situation, as you can just refer to it easily in times of worrying about what you have or have not done. If you have planned it all out perfectly, then there should never be a point at which you are not sure what to do next, as it will all be there in the time table. You will be able to see what has been done, and how it will mean that you can do other parts of the Balham house removal in the future, which can be a huge relief, and make everything that little bit more relaxing. Do not be tempted to slack off however, because you feel like you have everything sorted, and loads of time, as once you miss a session of sorting things out, you will always be playing catch up, and you will never get back on top, so be vigilant and you should have no trouble whatsoever…

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