When you are approaching a relocation,you will likely have a great many decisions to make, as it can be difficult to know the right way in which to do things from the outset. With a decent amount of research and comparing prices, you will likely be able to make informed decisions as to how things should work for you. The question as to what type of removals service you should go for can be an easy one, or rather difficult, depending on how you move is. Factors like size, time and budget will have great bearing on the result of your considerations, as it is hard to know exactly what you can and can’t do yourself, until it is too late! We’ll run through the differences between the types of W2 removal services, so that you can weigh up the pros and cons for each service as far as it affects your own move.

So, first off is the regular type of removal, where a removals company come to your house and load your things into a van, drive them to the new place, and unload them into the house. You will find that this is the basic move for many, but it is not the be all and end all for relocations. This service will be perfect if you have too much to shift without professional help, but not so much that you have trouble getting things packed up in time. You can get certain companies who will provide extra add-on services, like storage and packing help. Services like packing help can be done in varying amounts, with some companies offering full packing, or just the wrapping of delicates and glasswares. Storage services will mean that the removers will take your extraneous items, pack them up and safely store them until you request them. The main negative of the full scale removals services, is the cost. A move can cost you a few hundred pounds, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. In some cases you will know that you have to take the hit, whilst in others, there will be ways in which you do things that will cost you much less overall.

So, what can be done if you don’t want to use a W2 removals company? Well a man and van may be an option that is perfect. As a sort of scaled down removals service, a man and a van is exactly that, with a driver who can help you load things into a van, and then drive you to your new destination and unload everything. This is perfect if you don’t have masses of heavy furniture, and can get everything moved with the help of a couple of friends, but if the job is much bigger than a four bed house, then you may well struggle. The vans that are available from most W2 man and van services will often be a lot smaller than those used by a removals company, so it is certainly worth checking up on the measurements before you make your booking, otherwise you may find that you have to do a couple of trips rather than just the one. This is the kind of mistake that can make things become costly, alongside damages made by untrained lifters dropping things. If you let the costs rocket in this way, then you may have been better off hiring a removals company!

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