If you are doing a smaller move, then using a man and van can be a serious breath of fresh air. You may have been worrying about getting a removals company involved, and the costs that it would inflict on you, as well as the organizational problems of having to work with their schedules. With a man and van, there are plenty of benefits that make them a better choice for small time movers than an Acton removals company, but these benefits are often a bit of a double edged sword, as the beauty of not having to sort out someone to do things for you, is that you have to do it all yourself… With this in mind, we’ll have a look at the benefits of Acton man and van hire, as well as the pitfalls that come with them.

With man and van hire, you do not have to book that early, as there are so many services out there that you will never have trouble finding someone who can do the work on the date that you need, especially in London. If you find one that you like, you can pencil in a date, but you won’t have to confirm any sold plans until closer to the time, so you are free to rearrange things as you like, as long as it is within a reasonable time before the Acton move itself. You will be offered a couple of options on the pricing of the service, from different companies. Some like to give an overall price, based on the load and the distance, while others prefer to charge by the hour. You will usually find that the hourly rate is a lot cheaper, but it does not cover you against anything that makes the job longer, like bad traffic, or an accident or something of the sort. if you know the route well, and can do the move at a time when traffic is not a problem, then you should be fine with the hourly rate, however, if the price does not upset you too much and you want to be safe in the knowledge that there will be no unforeseen costs, then the fixed price may be best for you. You can lower the price of the whole operation if you are going by the hour, by reducing the amount of time that the van man needs to be there. You can start a little before the driver arrives, and get everything ready and out to wherever he is to park, so that you are loaded up as quickly as possible. If the driver has to come upstairs and help move things down to the van, then it will add a fair bit of time on to the whole process.

The pitfalls of not having a full sized removals team lie mainly in the number of strong people who will not be there to help you move your sofa down the stairs. You will need to get a couple of mates to help out in order to make the move really effective, and to save time while you are on the clock. Be careful however, untrained lifting can result in serious injury, and you may well find that the sort of back pain that comes from slipping a disk does not go away very easily. You can also damage your furniture and the walls of the houses, which will be expensive to repair. Take things slowly, and be careful, and you should be fine.

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