Getting storage sorted in advance of your move can be a real help in making things more streamlined as you attempt to move your whole life into another building. The nature of self storage E14 means that you can get to your items whenever you want, rather than having to worry about the logistics of removable storage, or the difficulties involved in industrial cargo storage. You just turn up and put everything in a locker, which you pay a fee for every month, simple. The process of getting your storage sorted out is a little harder than it sounds however, as of course, you have to be clever as to how much you are spending, as opposed to how much you actually need to spend, and this will revolve around the size, type and location of your storage. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of the whole storage game, to see if you can get an idea of the advantages of E14 self storage.

Firstly, size. This is difficult, because working out how large a locker you need is always tricky, and can cause problems if you are not ready when you arrive at the locker, and find that you have to change your booking because your stuff does not fit in to the unit. The difficulty with measuring before you get there, is that you will rarely be able to lump all of your items together at one time, as this is quite the hassle. The best way to know how large a unit you need, is to work off of the size of the van that you will be using to get the items to the unit in the first place. This will need to fit everything in, so why not use that volume as a starting point. If you don’t know how big the van needs to be, then the best idea is to get everything into a garage or room, and push it against a corner. Then take measurements at right angles around the items, so that you can tell what the size of the room would be that fit everything pretty perfectly. From this measurement, you can work out the volume, by multiplying the height, by the width, by the length, and this will be the figure that you need. Knowing the volume means that you can work out whether everything fits in, even if the measurements of a locker are different to yours, as you just work out the volume of the unit in the same way.

The type of locker that you go for will depend on that which you are storing. Knowing that some units will be susceptible to serious temperature changes and potentially damp will mean that you do not store anything really valuable in there, so make sure you ask about such things when you make initial contact with the storage place.

The location of the locker will also change the price, so you should give it some thought. Will you be visiting the items a lot? If so, you will need them to be near by. If not, then you can perhaps look at storage units that are a little further away, and perhaps a little less expensive. make sure that you are not undoing your savings by spending loads of money getting there and back however, as that would be completely pointless. City storage will be more pricy than in the country, because of rent prices and the value of land space.

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