Moving home can be a fruitful time in your life. A fresh place to live means new opportunities for employment and higher education. Even if you’re not moving for any specific reason, a removal opens up a new world outside of what you’re used to. And, while daunting, it can be an enjoyable process.

Though, despite the potential benefits, moving home can be a very stressful process for some. Especially if you’re moving as a group. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving with a partner, spouse, or even just a room-mate, the stresses that come with moving can start to strain the bonds that connect you. It’s for this reason I suggest the following tips. They’ll help make your SW20 removal a relative breeze;

First off, make sure you start to prepare for the move in advance. Give yourself time to think about every step of the process rather than rushing into it. You’re less likely to run into problems and hardships if you know what to expect. By running into less problems, you cut down the amount of potential stress. Though, if you do run into teething problems when moving, just remember to approach them with logic and a clear head. And just remember; a small moving issue is nothing to lose a relationship over.

So, let’s get the removal started. The first thing to figure out is; what are you taking, what are you getting rid of, and what are you leaving behind? This calls for a clear out. Anyone who’s been in a relationship before knows how hard it can be to agree on things, but you’ll have to try come to some sort of compromise here. You’ll want to bring things you use on a regular basis, like your favourite pieces of clothing, personal trinkets. Though, possessions you haven’t used for a while, and can’t see yourself using in the foreseeable future (like clothes that are too small, old children’s toys, etc.) are better off being donated or sold.

Once you’ve come to a compromise, you’ll have to start packing. You can do this two ways; you can do it yourself, or you can hire a SW20 packing company. A packing company is less stressful, but presents a new moving expense. If you feel you can’t stretch to it, you’ll have to get to work. Make sure you get all of your supplies together before you start the process; sturdy moving boxes, proper packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and labels are the basic supplies you will need. Pack fragile items away in their own box, and use a generous amount of bubble wrap to protect them. Beside that, you just need to use some common sense. And as long as you split the work-load between you, and take the occasional film break, you should be able to keep any stress in check.

And, the ultimate way to reduce moving stress? Hire a proper, professional moving company. It’s certainly possible to move without one, but with one of these in tow, you’re guaranteed a more relaxing move. They’ll take care of the hard work on the actual moving day. They’ll load everything up, and carefully but efficiently transport it cross-country. Just do your research and find a local mover that’s within your budget, and worth your time. A good quality move is what matters here.

So, as long as you keep this moving advice in mind, your SW20 removals should be less of a drag. Keep a cool head and think things through, and you and your fellow movers will still be around at the end of it.

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