When you are thinking about moving to east London, you will likely be looking at moving a flat. Most houses in London are divided into flats, and should you be lucky enough to own a whole house, then the last thing you’ll be worrying about will be the nature of a removals company. So, a flat it is, but how big does a flat have to be before you move on from the humble man and van to the more grown up removals company Dulwich? Well, the basic guidelines are that a mid sized 2 bed flat which is part furnished by the Landlord, will fit in to a transit van, so if you want to avoid doing more than one trip, then you should be careful about using a man and van for anything larger than this, especially when moving beds and wardrobes and other such larger items. Finding the balance between the two modes of moving can be really difficult, as some man and van services will have a larger van, and a smaller Dulwich removals service may well be a more cost efficient process than doing multiple trips in a van, so it will really come down to your individual move, as well as doing a bit of research into the prices of the services that you are looking at using.

You will be offered two different types of payment plan by differing man and van Dulwich services. These will range between a fixed price for the whole job, arranged over the phone, and based on the amount of stuff, and the distance travelled, or, you will be offered a price per hour, which will usually be a lot cheaper than a fixed price, but will not offer any security against running into trouble, like traffic, or multiple runs, which will drive the time and the price up. If you decide to go down the fixed route, then you should confirm that the driver will not try and charge you any extra should things take longer than they expected, as this is a tactic sometimes used by cowboy outfits to try and get a bit of extra money out of you; they will claim that the job is bigger than you made it out to be when they offered you the quote, and demand extra money at the end of the job. If you opt for the hourly rate, then you should make every possible arrangement to prevent unnecessary payment, like getting everything out of the house and ready to load in before the van arrives, and unloading quickly, so that the van driver can be paid and leave. This will usually mean having a couple of friends of board to help out with lifting and the like, so that you can get rid of the van driver and avoid paying any extra!

If you are using a removals service, then you should book early to avoid missing out on your dates. This should also open you up to potential early booker discounts, which may bring the price down to meet your budgets. You will want to avoid paying more than you need to, especially if you are concerned about whether you need a full scale service in the first place, so do a fair bit of research into who is offering the best price for the best service, so that you are not paying over the odds.

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