When you have to move your London office you will want it to be successful and as seamless as possible. The main aim is to ensure your business and its operations are not affected and there is the least amount of disruption to your staff. Regardless of the size of your company and the size of office you are moving to, the last thing you want is downtime that can affect the flow of your business and potentially your revenue.

There are many things to remember when moving, from the furniture, the computers to any related files.  Planning is the key to ensuring a successful move, that and the experience of a professional London removals company.

When looking for a removal company you should try and obtain some quotes from reputable companies in the area. Look for companies who have experience of office removals. Why is this important? Well, they need to have experience of moving office furniture and equipment and have an understanding of the importance of getting things re-assembled in the correct place, tested and up and running in a timely and efficient manner.

When getting quotes you should meet the removal company at your current office, and perhaps view the new office or show pictures. This will ensure you can explain your needs fully and allow them to give you an in-depth quote. Some of the following should be included in the quote:

    An inventory of all the office items
    Packing and unpacking of all the office contents
    The supply of boxes for personal belongings of your employees. Wrapping and labels should also be provided

Not everything can be done by the removals company so you need to have a plan in place to ensure. You will want to carefully think about when is the best time to move, take into account your busy months and days of the week. If weekends are your busiest time then look to move mid-week. If weekends are the time when your office is normally closed then you could have your employees pack their belongings at the end of the week and then have then start the following week in the new office. If you have a layout of the new office then supply that to the removals company so that they know where everything is to go. Also ensure that the removal company have access to the old and new office on moving day.

It is very important to communicate with your employees during the moving process to ensure that the business remains as unaffected as possible. Let them know the schedule of the move so they can co-ordinate their work around the dates and times. Some employees may be more affected than others so ensure they have the correct support in place. Also remember to communicate your move to customers and try not to arrange any meetings of office visits until the new office is up and running, you don’t want people to feel in the way or think you are running a shabby business when things are busy in the first few days after a move.

All in all, moving offices will be an exciting time for your employees and your business. To keep it as seamless and efficient as possible use a professional and experienced removal company London.

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