When looking to move house, there are a huge number of benefits when looking at hiring out a man with a van service for the day. Belsize Park man and van companies can provide a much needed extra pair of hands as well as the space necessary to move some of the larger objects from your old residence to your new one. They can also provide a professional experience for you amidst the chaos moving house can often entail as they will have had plenty of experience in the relocation industry. However, despite the more obvious benefits of hiring out these services, you as the customer have to be wary of certain things that could either accidentally or intentionally put you at a loss after using their services.

One thing you need to make sure you or someone assisting you does is ride in the van in the first journey. The absolute worst case scenario if you fail to do this would be that your possessions are gone forever, but this is close to unheard of in the industry (mainly because many operate as a franchise and that their registration plates will be on show for an extended period of time before they are able to make a getaway).

However, a much more common thing that many men will do is take an extended route to get to your house. Though some will offer an hourly rate of pay, many man with a van services will look to charge per mile moved, and will seek an extra fee by taking a route that perhaps isn’t the most direct to your new location. Even if you know the route yourself but don’t ride with them, it would be easy enough to justify an extended route by saying there were road works or other such delays that forced them into charging you more. To combat this, simply make sure you know the most direct route to your new house and sit in the front of the van with them; if they try to divert from this route politely point them in your preferred direction as it isn’t worth creating some conflict with the men who are going to be handling all of your possessions for the rest of the day!

However, the majority of incidents will not be of a malicious nature, but rather an accidental one. Though many of the more up market Belsize Park man with a van services will provide a rough insurance policy of sorts, some of the cheaper ones will look to avoid this. This means that if anything moves in the van and gets broken (which is a very realistic possibility, regardless of whether you hire or take your own vehicle), or something gets dropped or scratched when taking possessions into the property, some companies will not reimburse you for the damage, or make it very difficult to get the money you deserve. Often it is not worth saving a few pounds an hour if it means your prized piece of furniture gets damaged as a result. Remember to always read the fine print of each company’s policy to make sure of a reasonable and professional service.

So, in conclusion, many Belsize Park man and a van services provide an excellent and high quality experience for you on moving day. It is unfortunately inevitable that there will be some who will try to take advantage of the day to provide a service that you may consider below par. However, hopefully with these tips you can assure yourself that the hired help for your moving day will not turn into another inconvenience.

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