In the modern world, many would say that we are over saturated with possessions. Some would call it materialistic and unnecessary. But the simple fact is a lot of us like having a lot of items in our house and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, whilst these items may well fit in your current house, when it comes to moving and trying to pack all of your items into a couple of car boots or vans this can cause issues. Or perhaps the issue is different to this entirely. Perhaps you are looking at a temporary move or a downscale of living space. Either way, you may well be looking at trying to hire SE1 self storage. Storage solutions SE1 offers an easy, safe and practical way to store your possessions in an environment where you feel comfortable, allowing you to make the move that you want possible.

There is a huge list of benefits to SE1 hiring storage in the modern day. Firstly, people often fail to realise just how secure your possessions can be in storage. Everyone predicts that a horror story will happen to them but don’t know about the numerous measures taken to prevent this from happening. One of these measures is that there are several security cameras across the site which will pick up on any negligence, malpractice or unlawfulness around your property. Beyond this, you will be given a unique key card to a securely locked storage facility for you and you only to use. Furthermore, storage lockers are no longer exclusively down dark hidden areas of the city and out of sight. Many storage facilities will provide a well lit area that is spacious and sometimes even have phones so that you can easily contact a member of staff if something seems awry. Finally, there is a list of banned goods that could potentially leak or spread and damage other lockers, meaning that even other storage locker residents won’t have the ability to damage your possessions inadvertently. Nowadays, storage is a competitive industry so many companies will offer these high quality services simply because they have to to maintain business.

If all of this isn’t enough to show its practicality, a comprehensive insurance policy is usually also in place to make sure that if your goods are damaged (which they most likely will not be) then you shall be reimbursed for the damages.

Beyond the safety issue, there is also the issue of practicality. Thankfully, Bankside self storage is now more practical than ever in the digital age. Most of the local storage companies will have websites whereby you can check availability of lockers that would match your needs as well as the ability for swift online payments. This means that a rolling week by week contract for you locker can be arranged. This may well be necessary if you are moving home and wish to keep some of your items in a locker because it is too much to move at once, as you will not be able to accurately predict how long you will need to empty the locker. This gives you a short term and easy solution and allows you to tackle your move at your own pace with no pressure to achieve anything in a shorter time span than you need. Furthermore, a lot of storage companies will ask for just a short notice period for when you are going to collect your possessions or cancel your storage hire, making the service even more financially sound and practically convenient.

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