Unpacking When Moving In

Unpacking When Moving In

21Nov 2014

There are so many boxes, packs and bags, which enter in your new home after unloading the moving van, that usually they seem more than the ones from the old house. However, they are just the same. They can look more, because they`re placed chaotically at random spots on the floor or within the rooms. The smallest bags and wrappings may be even scattered throughout the route to the front door, as well as placed on the stairs or along the alley. The unloading process is quite easier and less stressing than when loading the van. It`s the step when you are already in your new home and it`s a huge relief that the long moving day tends to its end. However, unpacking all your items can last for at least another full day if you do everything by yourself. The professional unpacking services and teams from the big removal companies can facilitate that yet last step, but if you do the unpacking for yourself - take a look at the following hints and tips that can help you to make your new home better than the old one in just one day!First, begin with your moving checklist or with the inventory sheet as soon as you arrive in the new home. When unloading the van, make sure to know which box exactly corresponds to the items from your checklist and try to remember its place. When all the boxes are in, try to arrange them in a specific order or ask the movers to help with the heavy lifting of the big furniture items to their specific places in the rooms. Because of that, you will need to sketch in advance a floor plan for each room with the exact measurements of the items as well. When everything is on place or nearby, it would be easier with the unpacking! Another great idea is to pile the boxes according to their size, shapes and weight. The big boxes with furniture items in the one corner of the room, while the light ones in the other corner. This will help you with an easy orientation of the items in the boxes only with a blink of an eye, without the need of strolling through the rooms for searching just one piece of item.Second, get scissors, mock knives, garbage bags and all the other items that will help you with the unpacking. It`s often underestimated, but a sliding blanket is an useful item too, especially when you have to move big heavy items. Just slide the item over the sliding blanket instead of moving or lifting it, and you can prevent the floor from any damage while making the task easier in the meantime. Assemble the big furniture pieces one by one to create the same shelves, cupboards, beds or wardrobes like in the old house. Try to make the atmosphere cozy and comfortable just like in the old house or even better! Begin with one room and finish it completely, then begin with another room and so. When unpacking kitchen furniture, for example, begin with the biggest furniture objects like the table, the chairs, the cooking equipment, the shelves and the cupboards. Then, unpack the boxes with the cups and place them into the cupboards. The kid`s room is another great place to put high on the agenda, because the kids often play or stroll around the boxes and the atmosphere becomes a bit complicated. Make sandwiches for your kids and meanwhile assemble the kid beds, the play area and unpack all the toys from the boxes. After unpacking and assembling everything - continue with wiping dust and cleaning.

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