Moving, as you’ve probably been told or know through your own experience, can be an extremely stressful and taxing process. You have to find your new dream home (which is a stressful task in itself) and then find someone to take your old home (if you’re a home owner). After that you then have to turn your attention to the physical logistics of transporting everything you own from your soon-to-be old residence to your new one. Look around you: look at all your possessions you have to pack; books, DVDs, pots and pans, clothes and, worse of all, furniture. Transporting your furniture is probably the most physically taxing task when it comes to moving home, simply because it is so heavy. If your removal transport of choice is either to hire out a van to drive yourself or to hire a Man with a Van service, you will have to at least help with the moving of heavy furniture – such as your bed-frames, mattresses, wardrobes and sofas. But there is help at hand – professional furniture removals will, for a fee, take care of all your furniture needs for you. Here are but some of the advantages of using a furniture removal service.

1) It means you don’t have to lift a finger
As mentioned above, if you have hired out a N4 Man and Van service or a vehicle to drive yourself to take care of your transport needs, then you will be left having to try and manoeuvre a sofa out of your living room, through narrow and winding corridors, and then out of a door-frame that seems impossibly thin. This, by all accounts, does not sound fun. But if you hire a professional N4 furniture removal company, you won’t have to do anything but open the door and put on the kettle! For the price you pay, the removal men will come into your home, get every item you tell them to out of the house and into the van, and then drive the van and unload all the furniture into your new home for you. Although it will cost you, it is sometimes the only choice. If, for example, you are moving alone, moving a sofa by yourself is just unthinkable, unless you’re a former finalist in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

2) You are paying for and getting a professional service
Moving furniture is not just all about being able to lift heavy things. No, there is an understated art to moving heavy furniture items that only removal men and a select few others know. These are professionals who do this as their job, day-in, day-out. They will know how to get a wardrobe down a spiral stair case and out a front-door that seem too narrow to fit through. This is simply knowledge that we don’t have. Leave it to yourself to try and get your mattress, bed-frame, wardrobe and sofa out of the house and into the van and you’ll be there for hours, if not days. Professional removal men will be able to do in no time at all.

3) Furniture movers will provide you with an insurance policy
If you try and move your furniture yourself and it gets damaged, then you have no one else to blame than yourself. Your home insurance won’t cover the damage as the damage as occurred during a relocation, a disqualifying trait of many home insurance policies. But if you hire a professional furniture removal firm N4 to come in and move your furniture for you, then you will have complete peace of mind because they will have an insurance policy option. Not only are they unlikely to damage your furniture compared to do you doing it yourself, but even if they do damage it, you will be fully compensated.

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